My Cup Overflows


Sometimes it feels like I’m a turtle, crossing the road. I hate the slowing down part of my journey. I’ve always had a quick pace. Not that this was always good, because at times, it was not. But, it was familiar and I like familiar.

I like the shortcut, the faster route, and the quick results. Again, not always good. As I studied this turtle in my driveway, head lifted high, extremities out of its shell, vulnerable, I saw myself. I try to venture out in this vehicle of a blog, into the vast openness of social media with my meager offering of words for souls. I carry around my shell for protection. I return to it for a while but know I cannot stay there forever. I have to share what I have been given and receive from others what nourishes me.

Never before can a person think they know how important they are. The “likes” and positive or negative “comments” validating their influence. It takes a hard shell to keep plodding along. Keep plodding along sisters. Put something out there and don’t check how it’s doing. Do it just because He led you to and trust Him for the eyes to see it and the souls to be touched and made a little bit stronger because of it. Resist the urge to word and re-word, just trust that God will use the words for good.

God is showing me that as I slow down, what I have to offer actually has more value. It comes with years of experience of living life with Him as my Lord. Since a little girl, He has been with me. Using every bit of my story to bring Him glory. The mishaps, the victories, all of it. To give wisdom.

Proverbs 3:17:

“Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace”

That turtle is on a peaceful path. Not without danger, because anyone in a hurry and distracted could crush her in an instant. And so am I. If I pay attention to what the world has to say about today’s Christian women, I can be hurt badly. Our culture is sadly post-Christian. Even many who claim to be Christians do not hold to the teachings in God’s Word, the Bible. But this does not change the Truth and I am commanded to speak the truth in love. (Ephesians 4:14-15)

Tears of deep joy run down, He fills and my cup overflows. He turns “you are bad” into “you are beloved” dear ones. Because it is true. The truest words you will ever hear come from Him. He has chosen you, and made you His. (Ephesians 1:4-5)

Someone reading this may be afraid that what they say won’t make a difference. Don’t believe that; God will sort all of that out. He can use anything for our good and His glory. Venture out of your shell, reach out and be blessed.

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