A little about me…

Hello, dear reader, my name is Vickie Hendershot. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and God-lover with many years, many joys and many tears under the bridge of life just trying to take the days I’m given and give the glory to God and the grace of God to others.

I believe the Bible was written under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit and contains the true story of His great love for us. How He made a way to bring us back from the Fall to a restored relationship with Him through His Son Jesus. How He redeemed us by His blood from the law of sin and death and how He renews us and refreshes us through our obedience to His Word.

Since this is not my “first rodeo” I hope I have some wisdom to share on your journey of faith and family. Hence the name of this blog “gloryrenewed.com.” I love to write and hope God uses the words I pen to encourage and inspire other women who honor me with their time in reading those words. And I hope those that read will be willing to share a bit of their journey with me and the other readers that are looking for help and hope at the sometimes-overwhelming task it is to be a woman in today’s world.

I married my high school sweetheart, (actually grade school sweetheart, had my eye on him since first grade) in 1975, we have four married children and a grandchild count that we hope continues to grow if in God’s will.

I have served in the same church close to home since the early 1980’s. I believe in the local church as the heartbeat of the community, reaching out to the larger world to help in practical and spiritual ways. I love teaching Sunday School, but V.B.S is my “jam.” I love missionaries and communicate with those our church sponsors on a regular basis. I love to memorize and recite the Scriptures.

I believe in “God first” — always. Then the family God blesses us with, then service to the world He has places us in. I have worked in various vocations since I was sixteen. I’ve been an RN for over two decades.  A career that has both blessed and broken me in more ways than one. I have experienced more than I thought I was signing up for, both good and bad, yet would not trade the lessons I’ve learned for anything. 

This blog is a reflection of all of the previous paragraphs and I hope it is a blessing to you.