Update Available?


Update Available?

My iPhone, iPad and computer have updates. All too often, I dismiss the screen because I am afraid if I update them before I’m ready, I’ll encounter changes I am not ready to deal with. God can use anything to call attention to His will. It is amazing to me how the phrases and words used to deal with today’s technology remind me of my journey of faith. Save. Delete. Update. — Salvation. Forgiveness of Sin. Renewal.

In the dentist’s chair, as a patient of course, he asks me, “Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?” “Nope” I say smugly. Remembering all the ones I have failed to keep. (Maybe the “flossing” every day is the one he’s noticed that I’ve failed at.) But I don’t care. I was waiting for the one that I really needed and that would be possible to keep.

I’ve been waiting. Today it arrived. Some new inspiration to get started on the New Year.

I get inspired by other women who serve God. If you are on Instagram, check out “Well Watered Woman.” This year’s inspiring phrase is “The Word before the World.” This is how I try to start my day anyway, but, I can get distracted. I can think the “other stuff” screams louder and so I do what I have to do.

And the other things do scream louder, those of you with littles know that all too well. When mine were little I would set my alarm to get up early and when I did, so did they it seemed. How frustrating this can be to your plan to be alone with the Lord, yet how precious and short this time is when they are needing you that way. Take heart. Do what you need to do for them, for Him. Any act of service or care done with the right attitude is holy. And it will be all good, I promise. I believe the world is what is outside your home, outside your inner circle of relationships. Time used for the ones God has given you to love and serve, should be a high priority.

You may say, “I am so busy doing what I have to do, I cannot add one more responsibility!” Time with God before the world does not have to consume so much of your time that you feel it can’t be squeezed into your daily routine. There is always enough time to have daily devotions, I promise. In truth, we are warned in Scripture that we could be weakened, become faint, “lose heart” without this effort on a daily basis. The Scripture says:

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.” 2 Corinthians 4:16

Day by Day means: Every. Single. Day. Which means there needs to be some way you can be with the Savior that renews. The God who made you in His image.  We “water” our faith, causing it to grow, by spending our precious time with Him, instead of the world. Because of the grace and mercy of God, His Holy Spirit speaks to us through Scripture. He did not leave us without instructions or inspiration. The place we find these is in the Bible. Read it. Study it. This is the way to be renewed.

Even though it is a crucial discipline, making sure I have a daily alone time with God is not the habit that God was trying to instill in my heart this morning. I am a high-needs Christian, so time with God every day through Scripture is my oxygen. I don’t think I could breathe without my daily time with Him, alone. But I’ve been stuck lately. Not moving forward with some things I know I should be doing because I feel powerless to change. Powerless to be renewed. Powerless to update what needs updated.

I use the perishing of my “outward man (woman)” as my excuse too many times. I want to play the “aging” card. I can get so set in the way I do things that I don’t want to change. I cringe when I have to learn a new “thing” at work. I stress over a new routine or new or better habit I should take on. I need to click on the Update and go to settings and get ready for the New Year with the updated version of me, renewed by His grace. Day by day.

Wherever you are today on this journey of faith, I pray this post encourages you to get into His Word. Make time with God alone, in His Word, a priority each day. And be ready to “Update” when and how you know He is telling you to.

With His help, I purpose in my heart, I resolve, to do this in 2018. How about you?





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