Undone at the Drive-thru


No, I wasn’t losing it because they put tomatoes on my sandwich when I specifically said “no tomato.” I wasn’t even trying to get some fast food. I was actually at a bank waiting on the teller to cash a check for my mother-in-law when it happened.

I grabbed my mail at the end of the driveway on my way to town to run some errands. I noticed the return address was from a friend that I had not seen in about 20 years. The coast was clear so I took out into the road thinking I’d open it later when I had more time.

First stop, gas up the car. Check. Second stop, cash the check. Check. Well almost. I’ve noticed, if you haven’t, that it seems to take longer and longer to get a check cashed nowadays. There must be about the same number of check-points for a teller to pass through as when a nurse tries to give an aspirin to a patient in the hospital, and true to form, I was getting impatient. So I remembered the mail and opened the little envelope.

It was a homemade card. I could tell because there was no greeting card company logo on the back cover. The front and inside contained glued-on, computer printed greetings. The front proclaimed “If it weren’t for great people like you…” and the inside continued “…there wouldn’t be grateful people like me!” With the “me” underlined three times.

Because of her, I looked forward to getting older, knowing how faith in Jesus looks on a lady who trusts Him with everything.

With the teller still busy clicking through the steps at her computer, I decided to read the personal hand-written note, from an obviously shaky hand. It starts, “My Dearest Vickie”, and I get a lump in my throat and water in my eyes that cloud all the words that come after. My dear 82 year-old friend penned some words that hugged my heart and gave me joy unspeakable and full of glory!

How in this world, could I deserve a gift like that? Truth is, I don’t. But God gave it anyway. You see, this dear godly lady was an older woman that took a younger woman (me) into her heart years ago. Prayed for her, gave her good godly advice and yearly checked on her. She kept in touch, always sharing how good God is at every stage of life. Because of her, I looked forward to getting older, knowing how faith in Jesus looks on a lady who trusts Him with everything.

She was a beautiful example of a Titus 2 woman then and now. Being an example. A woman of great faith, living in front of me a life surrendered to God at every age and stage. Beautifully adorning the gospel. (Titus 2:10)

1st Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing.”

In our small group study, “Adorned”, I challenged each of the Bible Group Girls to think of a lady who had inspired her or helped her at some point to live a life more devoted to God. I suggested she text her or write her a note telling her how important she was and is; expressing how truly thankful she is for her influence. I followed my own suggestion and wrote to this dear lady who had me crying at the bank window. I hoped that my note would reach her okay because it had been 7 months since Christmas Cards were exchanged, and she is “getting on” in years. And it did. By the words she returned to me, I could tell that it provided a blessing to her.

How about you? Is there someone who has been an encouragement when you were down, pointed you toward the God who comforts all sorrows and can guide all decisions when you didn’t know what to do? Can I challenge you to tell this dear person before it is too late; and we never know when that is. Would you like to share it with others in this community in the comment section? I’d love to hear about her!

My sweet friend closed her note with “Once again, Our Lord is so faithful, He is with us no matter what age. The best friends believe in each other! Encourage one another and build each other up. You did.” She cited 1st Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing.”

I put my sunglasses back on so the poor teller wouldn’t think the wait for her to do her job had undone me. Amazed that a few moments at a bank window brought about one of the greatest encouragements I’ve every experienced. Never underestimate your power to change a day or a life by sharing Jesus’ love.







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