On White Space & Balance

I’ve had some painting done lately. The two rooms that I spend most of my time in while at home have gone from a light powder blue to a color called “Balance.” It is an off-white that I selected more for the name of the color than the color itself. I need balance and I thought if I had enough white space in the house, it might help.

White space is very important visually, as I have been told by my Graphic Designer daughter-in-love. It can make or break the appearance of advertising, or whatever they are designing artistically. For she knows that when the eye is pleased, the “whatever it is” is on its way to the results intended by the designer.

Having the right balance, the right amount of the white or neutral experiences amidst the colorful situations in our lives is what can help us feel calm and centered. Too much of one or the other can cause us to feel off-kilter. Headed toward boredom or overstimulation with neither one beneficial. This is especially true for someone (me) whose balance is not as good as it used to be.

When I was MUCH younger, I used to love challenging my physical balance as a ballet dancer. During our class times it would be fun to see who could hold an arabesque on pointe the longest. Whenever you watch the professionals do this, it just takes your breath away. Such balance! Such ability to concentrate physically.

You see, in order to balance physically, you have to have your “center” over the base of your support. You may see arms and legs stretched out in different directions, but the core of the body, the part that carries the most weight, must be directly over the part that connects you to the floor. And for a ballerina, it could be a 1-2 square inch pointe shoe! If you move that weight a little too much forward or backward, or right or left, you will have to move “gracefully” on to another position.

There is a spiritual lesson in this. Do I live my life “centered” on the Word of God? Do my moves throughout my days, or my decisions to stay put, have the support of the scriptures? I have a confession to make. They do not always. If I say I love God, which is something I think and say often, and do not follow His commandments, I am way off balance.

John 14:23 “Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.”

When I see how someone else seems to be so much better off than me in so many ways, and I envy them, I am off balance. When I compare what I think I have with what I think she has and I feel the twinge of discontent, I am on my way down and there’s nothing graceful about it. The only graceful thing is how Jesus reminds me of His Word and gives me the opportunity to confess and repent.

1 Corinthians 4:11 “Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.”

He reminds me of His goodness. He reminds me that He has given me the perfect amount of everything in relation to the unique person He created me to be and that being thankful for every single thing is the key to living an abundant life. To living a life balanced on His word. With perfectly placed white space and color to keep me fully engaged and never overwhelmed or bored.

By keeping His word, His precious word, on my mind and in my heart, I am allowing Him to make His home in me. I can’t get over it. As sick as I can get of myself, all I have to do is remember that with Jesus as my Savior, He lives in me! And when I keep Him at the center of my life I will have all the support I will ever need.

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