Mother’s Day – The Day That Changes Everything


My firstborn, Amy

Mother’s Day – The Day That Changes Everything…

She says “There’s so much I should have done differently…” I say, “Yeah, me too Mom.”  Mother’s get on-the-job training. Life-experience in the day-to-day mundane and the frantic times when children get high fevers or hurt. There are no algorithms for motherhood. There are only moments when you try to do what you try to do and hope that love covers it with a blanket of forgiveness.

Proverbs 10:12 reads: “Hatred stirs us strifes: but love covers all sins.”

In 1978, I became a mother. I gave birth to my firstborn and that was all that qualified me to be called a mother. There was a popular song filling the radio airwaves at that time, and one day, as I lay with my newborn, I bawled like the biggest baby when I heard it, because it mirrored the feelings in my heart.

What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life

What, a, difference you’ve made in my life
What a difference you’ve made in my life
You’re my sunshine day and night
Oh what a difference you’ve made in my life

What a change you have made in my heart
What a change you have made in my heart
You replaced all the broken parts
Oh what a change you have made in my heart

Love to me was just a word in a song
That had been way over-used
But now I’ve joined in the singing
‘Cause you’ve shown me love’s true meaning
That’s why I want to spread the news

What a difference you’ve made in my life
What a difference you’ve made in my life
You’re my sunshine day and night
Oh what a difference you’ve made in my life

 This song was written by Archie Johnson and the version I heard was performed by Ronnie Milsap and it broke me. It brought out the deep truth that I would never be the same after this tiny little person was entrusted to my care.


My first son, Matt


 Those moments happened more than 39 years ago, but I remember them just like they happened yesterday. There are other moments that I’ve tried hard to forget, but can’t. The moments when I completely melted down and in the presence of little fear-filled eyes and confused faces. Because, you see, three more precious ones followed, which I equally messed up on. But the hope that “love covers all sins” is my prayer that none of them are scarred for life.

 Being a mother is beyond hard, but it is also beyond gratifying. And it almost takes being one to understand one. Whether you have given birth or were ushered into motherhood by taking someone into your mother-heart by adoption or the blending of families, you have the awesome opportunity to learn from them a deeper knowledge of our heavenly Father. Children learn from us moms, but they also do a lot of teaching, if we take the time to realize it. I could never have imagined how I’ve broke the heart of God until my child first lied to me. “How could they do this?” I thought. “I have given them everything they have with bushels of love?” Even more heart changing is how quick they forgive the meltdowns and sometimes undeserved disciplinary actions from a truly out-of-control mother.


My second son, Mark

 My relationship with God grew because He was gracious and allowed me to be the mother of four unique little humans. Motherhood does that. Whether you’re mothering fur-babies or grandbabies, whether your caring for your unborn by caring for yourself, or in the thick of toddlers and teenagers, it’s always the caring that changes you. And to know Whom to cast your cares on when you just aren’t enough to do it right.

 “Casting all your care on Him, for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7


My second daughter, Melanie

 Being a mother drove me to Jesus. I grew up a goal-setter and held high standards for myself. I always tried to discover what it would take to meet my expectations and I would work hard to get there. Motherhood threw me a curve that on my own I could never connect with to hit that ball out of the park. I needed wisdom and understanding on a whole new level. And friends, I found it in God’s Word and in prayer. I filled many journals with my thoughts and feelings and prayers.

 From this place I offer some advice. Pray for your children. Pray for your children. Pray for your children. Realize the privilege you have to truly make a difference in their lives. Because, O my goodness, what a difference they have made in yours.









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