In January…

In January…

We got married. Too young, too inexperienced, having no idea what we were getting ourselves into. But – in love. We didn’t have all the stuff that most folks thought we needed yet, but we had the one thing that was essential to give it a shot. And so far, so good.

Fast forward to 2017, another “ordinary” anniversary. Another “Guess what I remembered this morning?” “What dear?” “Happy Anniversary!” “Oh yes, that’s right.” “How long?” “Forty-two years, I think.” (Smiles and a hug.)

“How does this happen?” I wonder to myself. I remember in the beginning how we promised to treat each other, “He would be my king and I would be his queen.” He may not remember that promise, but it doesn’t matter because he has lived it. Every day I hear “Is there anything you need me to do for you?” And every day I try to say no, because if I need him to do anything, it is as good as done. And I know he has so much he feels he has to do every day. I can wait.

Living in love is so much different than just loving someone. It is a place that’s safe enough to weather storms and droughts. Floods and fires. But it’s not a place where two can do it alone. There is no truth stronger than the One that has held us together in this in love than Christ. His example of sacrificial love for us, His bride, The Church, is the only example to follow because when we look to other marriages that inspire us to hold it together, we can be sorely disappointed at times.

The humanness of us can only sacrifice so much for so long before “we’re done.” The continual sacrifice, the daily serving one another, gets tiring and we forget what in love really means. Reminding ourselves of the days when we wanted to spend every waking moment with this person, so close that we could actually get ourselves into their heads and hearts and feelings and dreams of forever.

I confess I cannot do this on my own. I admit that I have to confess this to my heavenly Father more often than I want to, and in the confessing, in the acknowledging my weakness to participate in a strong marriage, He steps in and becomes the strength I lack. And the in love comes back in my heart, and there is no other explanation than Christ.

In January, we got married. In what is usually the bleakest, coldest, darkness month of the year, love bloomed. As I reflect on that this morning, rain drops are pounding on the roof, my king leaves his castle with his lunch pail in hand but never without a kiss and “You have a good day.” I think I’m melting all over again.


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